Massage Therapist



Yoga, Meditation, History, Interiors, Boxing, Walks with my dog, Art and Plants.


BTEC L5 Advanced Massage- London School of Massage- Distinction

L2 Reiki Practitioner

Continued professional development in all my other treatments 

I am insured and regulated by the FHT and all my details can be found on the logo above. 

A Bit About Me

Everybody has a story, and here is a bit about mine. I like to be professional in my work but also warm and transparent with who I am. I find coming to your home or building relationships where it could last a while is about finding the right person for you.

I started my journey as a Massage Therapist working in a 5* spa in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. I worked there for 6 months and returned home. I loved my time there as I learnt from therapists in different countries and built together a unique style of massaging. I used crystals as instruments, shiatzu moves and stretches and spa etiquette.  Since then I have worked at corporate events doing Chair massage, Office massage, Club massage, Care home, Palliative Care, Hospital visits, Elite concierge  massage for high profile individuals, Pamper parties, Wellness Days. My most treasured work is the clients I have seen on a regular basis for years where I have made good relationships with the family, or my longer term remedial work where by the clients have had a vast improvement on their quality of life through massages.  

I am a passionate learner and am continuously building on my skills to be up to date and reading the latest research on pathology and  mind and body connection. My most recent interest in psychosomatic illness and movement because of this I am well informed on the body and nervous system regulation.

" To keep the body in good health is a duty...otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear."

- Buddha