Office Chair Massage

Chair massage is a 15 to 25 minute treatment carried out in a forward facing massage chair, without oil and fully clothed. This makes the convenience of this massage perfect for busy environments.

It focuses on the back, neck, shoulders, arms and head. 

Chair massage benefits

  • Calming on the nervous system 

  • Helps flexibility and movement

  • Increases circulation, sending more oxygen around the body and help removing toxins

  • Muscle tension and pain relief

  • Energising and revitalising

  • Increased concentration and mental stimulation

  • Can assist with headache relief

It was recorded that 30.8million days were lost in 2016 because of employee absence due to muscle pain. Out of all the absences recorded 18.6% of  work absence being down to muscular skeletal problems

7.7% for depression, anxiety  and stress

3.4% headaches and migraines 

office massage can certainly help improve these conditions with aftercare for employees and therefore cut down on employee sickness.

(Office for National Statistics 2016)

Benefits of office massage to your workplace?

  • Work incentive and reward

  • Helping employees de-stress from work pressure

  • Improve and encourage employee health /reduce absence

  • A motivational tool

  •  An effective power break

  • Improve concentration and productivity

  • Revitalise office personnel

  • Improve posture and help with pain for desk based workers

Prices start from £65.00 per hour, please email with your enquiry for a quotation