Pregnancy Massage &

Postnatal Massage

Pregnancy can be a special time for mum to be yet can take a physical and emotional strain on the body. Massage is a supportive treatment which allows time out to honour the changes the body goes through, relieving many aches and pains commonly experienced in pregnancy. 

Pregnancy massage is a peaceful, nurturing massage which can help with

  • Stress relief

  • Relaxation

  • Release happy hormones (oxytocin & prolactin) through skin stimulation

  • Moisturise and hydrate the skin which is expanding 

  • Energy restoring helping with tiredness

  • Ease pressure and discomfort 

  • Insomnia

  • Cramping

  • Lower back pain and tight shoulders 

The treatment is carried out on the side and supported with pillows and towels. 

This treatment is available after 12 weeks- the first trimester. 

I provide gift vouchers so it can be a great gift for baby showers or baby welcome gifts for mum.

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