Reiki Treatment

Reiki - Sei-chem

Ancient Egyptian Energy Healing 

Reiki Seichem Energy Healing is a deep relaxing, calming treatment that can put the body into a meditative state, allowing the whole body peace and reset. 

It is a powerful healing art used in Ancient Egypt. It transmits universal energy (earth, fire, water, angelic light) through the hands to help heal emotional, physical and spiritual body. This is a nurturing hands on therapy with clothes on or towel on top. 

Before and after the treatment we have a consultation and discuss the experience together.

People have said it has helped with; Stress, Fear, Physical pain, Blocked Chakras, Lethargy, Karma, Ease Depression, Positive Energy, Sleep Improvement, Cleanse & rejuvenate.

Can be booked as a stand alone treatment or a 20min treatment at the end of your massage.

Image by British Library